Welcome to Aurum, Quarto’s narrative nonfiction list, home to great writing and compelling storytelling across a wide range of interests, life experiences, and expertise. Aurum publishes memoir, biography, polemic, food, feminism, history, sport, science, nature, and travel writing. Our award-winning books are relished in leisure, recommended to friends, and discussed in book clubs.

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The Quarto Group, Inc.
The Old Brewery
6 Blundell Street
London N7 9BH
Richard Green, Publisher

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Foreign Rights:
If you are interested in publishing our titles in Europe, please contact:
   Karine Marko
   Group Foreign Rights Director
If you are interested in publishing our titles anywhere else in the world, please contact: 
   Kate Essam
   Foreign Rights

Become an Aurum Author

Aurum publishes narrative nonfiction books for the UK and international market. If you have a fascinating story to tell that you think would make a great book, we’d love to hear about it. Please follow the directions in the submission guidelines to submit your proposal.

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