Wellfleet Press

Wellfleet Press publishes books offering unique insights into wellness and spirituality. In addition, also features an array of illustrated nature reference books, providing readers with valuable insights into the natural world around them. Furthermore, we explore the realms of the mysterious and unknown with books that delve into ghost stories and the paranormal. Through our curated collection, we aim to inspire curiosity, spark conversations, and empower readers to embrace the complexities of life with open minds and open hearts.

Contact Details

Wellfleet Press
142 West 36th Street
Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10018

Tel: +1 212 779 4509

Rage Kindelsperger, VP, Group Publishing Director

Marketing UK

Marketing USA

Foreign Rights:
If you are interested in publishing our titles in Europe, please contact:
     Karine Marko
     Group Rights Director

If you are interested in publishing our titles anywhere else in the world, please contact:
     Kate Essam
     Director of Sales Operation, Quarto Foreign Rights Operations

Become a Wellfleet Press Author

Wellfleet Press publishes high-quality illustrated books on a variety of subjects ranging from art, cooking, and crafts to entertainment, performing arts, and the natural sciences. If you have a book idea in one of our focus areas that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear it. Please follow the directions in the submission guidelines to submit your proposal.

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