Subtitle The Stories We Tell About Ourselves and Our Reality

Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Emrys
Description Description The third book in the four-part Mystery School Series by bestselling authors Don Miguel Ruiz and Barbara Emrys, The Myth reveals how the stories we tell ourselves may be holding us back.
Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the internationally bestselling The Four Agreements and mythical Mexican shaman, together with his longtime apprentice Barbara Emrys, returns with his most important work of all: a course for students on the spiritual mystery of life, created to provoke an inner revolution.

With The Myth: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves and Our Reality, join the ‘Mystery School’ for your week of learning and explore the most fascinating story and mystery of all: you! Bring your curiosity and enthusiasm, and prepare to open your mind.

Learn, over five days, how to step away from the ‘stories’ you have unconsciously accepted and challenge preconceived ideas that do not serve you. Discover how to replace these with new ideas so that you can conquer your self-limiting beliefs and uncover your true potential as each lesson brings you closer to wisdom and awareness.

Don Miguel Ruiz’s new work, the Mystery School Series, is a four-part course exploring the spiritual mystery of life, with lessons that bring insight on its specific challenges taught through theory, practice, and imaginative exercises. As a student of life, learn to recognize the creative choices that have made your reality what it is now, and the choices that are still available to you. Use your new understanding to make peace with the past; transform your relationship with the present and create a new script for your life.
Continue your transformation with the other three books of the Mystery School Series:
  • Eros: Misconceptions About the Art of Romance and Sexuality
  • The Myth: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves and Our Reality
  • Grief: Self-Care While Surviving the Loss of People we Love
Format Hardcover Book 160 Pages
ISBN 9780711267244
Size5.31 in x 8.50 in / 135.00 mm x 216.00 mm
Published Date October 11th, 2022
Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz is a renowned spiritual teacher, and international bestselling author. His bestsellers include The Four Agreements (New York Times Bestseller for more than a decade), The Fifth Agreement, The Mastery of Love, The Circle of Fire and The Voice of Knowledge. Don has spent the past three decades guiding students to personal freedom through his profound insights into the nature of human reality.

Barbara Emrys

Barbara Emris began an apprenticeship with Don Miguel Ruiz 25 years ago. Her shamanic training as well as her many years of work as a teacher of Toltec Dreaming have given her unique insights into human behaviours and an artistic approach to life. She co-authored Toltec Art of Life and The Three Questions with Don Miguel.

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