Subtitle Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom

Janet Halfmann
Price £7.99
Description Description This special book asks children a simple question: How Can We Be Kind? The answer is: by learning from the animal kingdom!

Animals demonstrate kindness and empathy towards each other, and care and compassion can be seen all throughout the natural world.

This book shows children the ways they can be kind just like animalsare to each other, while at the same time teaching them about the magic and the beauty of the natural world.

They can learn to be welcoming like capybaras, who let other animals sit on top of them while they wallow in mud.

Or perhaps they might want to be like dolphins, who guide other species to their destinations. Or maybe they would like to work together like ants and bees, share what they have like jackdaws or stick up for their friends like zebras.

With beautiful illustrations
 from Darla Okada, this beautiful picture book will enchant and entertain children time and time again. There are facts at the back about how each animal lives with and looks after its fellow creatures.

This sweet and thoughtful book is both a celebration of the animal world and a manifesto for being kind in everyday life.
Format Juvenile - Paperback 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711268807
Size9.06 in x 9.06 in / 230.00 mm x 230.00 mm
Published Date March 9th, 2023
Janet Halfmann
Janet Halfmann is an award-winning children's author who strives to make her books come alive for young readers and listeners. Many of her picture books are about animals and nature. She also writes picture book biographies about little-known people of achievement.
Darla Okada
Darla Okada is an illustrator and comic artist living in Colorado with a love for children’s books and graphic novels. She has a soft spot for stories about friendship, growth, and independence with dreamy or headstrong characters.
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