Subtitle Nature's Harvest

Sean Taylor, Alex Morss
Price £12.99
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Discover the wonder of autumn and learn how wildlife prepares for the colder months ahead with this heart-warming non-fiction picture book.

The wind is blowing. Golden leaves are falling. Animals are busy gathering food to store away. It’s time to celebrate nature during the cooler autumn months

In this beautiful, blustery story, join two young children and their mums as they go on an autumnal adventure in their local park. They spot amazing plants and animals and are enchanted by the sights and sounds around them – crunchy leaves, vibrant colours, and a feast of nuts, berries and fruit.

They pass through several wildlife habitats and begin to see that nature is full of life. They notice the little things – seeds blowing in the wind, mushrooms on the ground and empty shells all around.

Co-authors Sean Taylor (bestselling picture book author) and Alex Morss (ecologist, journalist and educator) offer a gentle introduction to autumn and different animal behaviors, including annotated illustrations. In the golden park, the fruit and leaves have fallen from the trees and the animals are collecting food. Why are the animals doing this? Where are they going?

Filled with fascinating facts and stunning illustrations, the books in this popular series encourage children to discover more about nature and the seasons. This is the fourth and final book, following Winter Sleep, Busy Spring and Wild Summer.

Subject area:
Series Seasons in the wild
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 32 Pages
ISBN 9780711278653
Size9.25 in x 11.42 in / 235.00 mm x 290.00 mm
Published Date August 8th, 2024
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor is an award-winning author of over 50 books for young readers of many different ages. As well as writing, he has many years’ experience visiting schools, where he works with poetry and storytelling to encourage young people to write themselves. Originally from Bristol, UK, Sean is currently living in Brazil.
Alex Morss
Alex Morss is an ecologist, science journalist, educator, and author. She has worked in publishing for 20+ years and in ecology for 10+ years, and spent many more as a naturalist exploring the tree of life.
Cinyee Chiu

Cinyee Chiu is originally from Taiwan, now living in Vancouver, Canada. She got her illustration MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. She’s always happy to try new things, and likes to make things pretty, playful, and exciting.

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