Subtitle A first book about prehistoric beasts

Catherine Barr, Steve Williams
Price £12.99
Description Description This brilliant book introduces the dinosaurs that once roamed our planet. Using bitesize text and beautifully bright illustrations, this is the perfect book for dinosaur lovers everywhere.

The world was once full of magnificent beasts, big and small, who stomped across the land, soared through the skies and swam through waters deep and murky. Dinosaurs witnessed the shaping of our mountains, continents, seas and deserts and eventually an asteroid that would wipe out half of all life on Earth. This is the exciting and dramatic story of dinosaurs and how they lived on our planet.

Journey back in time to the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and come face-to-face with prehistory’s most spectacular dinosaurs. Read about when they lived, where they lived, what they ate and how you can see clues of these prehistoric creatures in our modern world.

With fact-packed text by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams and vibrant illustrations by Amy Husband, readers will walk across continents with a titanosaurus, stalk prey with a T-rex and care for a baby velociraptor. This is an engaging first look at the incredible world of dinosaurs, written especially for young children.
Series Story of...
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711290877
Size9.45 in x 10.83 in / 240.00 mm x 275.00 mm
Published Date August 8th, 2024
Catherine Barr

Catherine Barr worked at Greenpeace International for seven years as a wildlife and forestry campaigner and has a long-running interest in environmental issues. While working as an editor at the Natural History Museum, she researched and wrote two major summer exhibitions: Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert and Myths and Monsters. Her previous books for Frances Lincoln Children's Books include The Story of Inventions, The Story of Life, and The Story of Climate Change. She lives on a hill near Hay-on-Wye in Herefordshire with her partner and two daughters.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is a biologist with a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Zoology from the University of Wales. His lifelong love of wildlife was further inspired by eight years at sea, after which he trained as a teacher, and now teaches science in a rural comprehensive school in Wales. He is a beekeeper and lives near Hay-on-Wye with his wife and two daughters.

Amy Husband

Amy Husband studied Graphic Art at Liverpool School of Art. Her first picture book, Dear Miss, was winner of the Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award in 2010, and she also wrote and illustrated Dear Santa, in the same series. Amy lives in the East Yorkshire countryside with her husband James, working from her home studio.

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