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Jean-Baptiste Thoret
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During his career, Michael Mann has drawn a singular and innovative line within the Hollywood industry. The Last of the Mohicans, HeatRevelationsAliCollateralMiami Vice, and even Public Enemies, have reshuffled the cards of American cinema to the point of making Mann one of the most important filmmakers of the last thirty years. 
Born in 1943 in Chicago, Michael Mann made Thief, his first film, in 1981. He went on to revolutionize television writing with the series Miami Vice and, in 1995, released the thriller Heat, which put him well and truly on the map.
ln just a few shots, one can identify Mann’s unique filmmaking style: a predilection for urban settings – and in particular for Los Angeles, whose image he was able to renew – breathtaking night shots; a taste for supremely skilled but solitary men; an obsession with the world of crime; and above all, a contemplative way of filming that combines fascination and melancholy.
Written by the highly regarded filmmaker and critic Jean-Baptiste Thoret, this illustrated examination of one of the most unique filmmakers of our time goes beyond the art, looking at everything that has led to Mann’s style and success.

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Published Date May 23rd, 2024
Jean-Baptiste Thoret
Jean-Baptiste Thoret is a French filmmaker, historian and film critic, specialising in American cinema and in particular in New Hollywood and the ltalian cinema of the 1970s. He is the author of fifteen books and articles about cinema. His latest documentary, Michael Cimino, un mirage americain, was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury at the Festival International du Film d’Histoire de Pessac.
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