Subtitle 40 Experiments that Fizz, Change Color, Disappear, Crystallize, and Defy Gravity!

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Conduct 40 epic experiments that fizz, change color, crystallize, and defy gravity with real science chemicals and a pressurized lab!

The pressure’s on! Prepare to amaze your friends and family with science. Ultimate Secret Formula Lab’s pressurized plunger-and-valve system lets you demonstrate science principles in a whole new way. Press the plunger to transport solutions through the Experimentation Station.

The 32-page lab book includes detailed instructions on conducting real chemistry experiments with the kit’s chemicals and equipment together with household ingredients you probably already have. Investigate fluid dynamics and chemical reactions with experiments such as the Pop Push Challenge, Spud Bubbles, Super Fizz, Visible Vapor, and Foaming Pink Volcano. Demonstrate the power of pressure with Gravity-Defying Water, the Amazing Breathing Marshmallow, and Super Squeeze. But don’t stop there! Develop your own labs and “tricks” to perform with the custom Experimentation Station.

Make science fun and exciting! Turn your kitchen into a real-life science lab!

  • Explore chemistry with your own pressurized lab: Use the included chemicals and Experimentation Station with unique pressurized valve and plunger system to transport and mix liquids, and observe and control amazing chemical reactions like a real scientist
  • 33-piece kit includes real science chemicals and equipment: modular superstructure with supports, pneumatic plunger, cylinder, 3 valves, large test tube holder, large test tube, 2 elevated reservoirs, reservoir cap, 2 small test tube caps, 6 snap clips, Erlenmeyer flask, tall beaker, 5 flexible tubes, Petri dish with lid, pipette, calcium chloride (10 grams), phenol red solution (59 ml), calcium hydroxide (10 grams), 20 pH test strips, spill containment tray, and 32-page illustrated science activity book
  • 40 incredible chemistry experiments: 32-page lab book gives step-by-step instructions for conducting STEAM activities that will blow your mind—observe chemical reactions that fizz and change color; experiment with the power of air pressure; make oxygen bubbles using a potato, a cabbage water indicator, a CO2 detector, crystal splinters, and more
  • Includes hard-to-find ingredients: Though some experiments require easily attainable household ingredients not included
  • Perfect for budding scientists ages 8+: Great for play dates, birthday parties, sleepovers, and family nights
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Published Date January 1st, 2016
SmartLab Toys
SmartLab Toys' passion is creating toys and games that give children and parents opportunities to learn and play together. Since 2004, SmartLab Toys' STEAM products have earned more than 50 of the toy industry's most prestigious awards, including multiple Oppenheim Platinum awards, Good Housekeeping Best Toy awards, and Family Fun Magazine Toy of the Year awards. Each toy comes with a kid-friendly learning guide packed with solid science. The concepts presented are based on established scientific principles and fact-checked by experts. Better yet, our science-based activities make learning FUN!
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