Subtitle Explore Simple Techniques to Create Amazing Works of Art

Ana Victoria Calderón
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Description Description Join artist, author, and popular online art teacher Ana Victoria Calderón to learn simple painting techniques that will help you cultivate your creative flow and create beautiful art.
Through experimentation and exploration, Watercolor Textures for Artists embraces a playful approach to create a wide variety of textures, from organic lines to repeating patterns to spontaneous spatter, unlocking new creative possibilities and expanding artistic horizons.
  • Texture swatching. Find simple step-by-step tutorials for applying beautiful textures to simple shapes.
  • Inspired textures. See how textures in the world around us can serve as inspiration for watercolor textures.
  • Mindful painting. Create interesting effects using simple circles, dots, brushstrokes, and lines.
  • Mystical landscapes and skyscapes. Learn how to combine textures to create relaxing vistas. 

A chapter on essential supplies gives an overview of everything you need, and templates make it easy to recreate the images with minimal drawing.
Written for artists of all skill levels, Watercolor Textures for Artists reveals how to transform simple painted textures into stunning and meditative works of watercolor art.
Format Trade Paperback 136 Pages
ISBN 9780760383407
Size8.50 in x 11.00 in / 215.90 mm x 279.40 mm
Published Date March 12th, 2024
Ana Victoria Calderón
The author of several titles published by Quarry Books—Creative Watercolor, Color Harmony for Artists, Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media, Creative Drawing: Symbols and Sacred Geometry, and Watercolor Textures for ArtistsAna Victoria Calderón is a MexicanAmerican watercolor artist and teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Information Design and continued studies in Fine Arts. Her licensed artwork can be seen in retail outlets throughout the United States and Europe on a wide variety of products. Ana teaches in-person workshops and hosts creative retreats in Tulum, Mexico, as well as summer watercolor retreats throughout Europe. She has taught more than 120,000 students on Skillshare, where she is a Top Teacher, and she also teaches thousands of Spanish-speaking students on Domestika. See more of Ana’s work on Instagram (@anavictoriana), YouTube (Ana Victoria Calderon), and Facebook (Ana Victoria Calderón Illustration). She lives in Cancún, Mexico.
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