Subtitle Look Inside the World's Most Famous Mythical Beast

Price $16.99 / £12.99
Description Description Enter the hidden world of dragons—turn the pages of this interactive die-cut book to reveal a trove of lore surrounding these mythical creatures.

From their terrifying appearance to their magical powers and treasure-filled lairs, Inside Out Dragon uncovers dragon secrets from around the world and across history. Each layer, spectacularly illustrated in fabulous and frightening detail, takes you further into dragon myth and legend. 

Page by page, you will discover:
  • Dragons’ unique anatomical features, including dragon wings, dragon teeth, and dragon tails
  • Dragon myths and legends from a variety of different cultures and countries
  • Magical powers that different kinds of dragons possess, such as breathing fire and granting wishes
  • Where dragons live and hide

Test your dragon knowledge and take a look inside!
Subject area:
Series Inside Out, Chartwell
Format Paper Over Board 16 Pages
ISBN 9780785842972
Size8.50 in x 10.88 in / 215.90 mm x 276.35 mm
Published Date September 12th, 2023
Publishing and supplying books to wholesalers, mail order companies, and retail stores for over 60 years, Chartwell Books publishes across a wide range of subjects, including history, craft, home reference, puzzles and games, music, art instruction, transportation, and more.
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