Claudia Martin
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Did you know that thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese found dinosaur fossils and thought they were dragon bones? Or that everyone thought the coelacanth fish had been extinct for 66 million years, and then in 1938 living coelacanths were discovered off the coast of Africa? Fossils are the remains of animals and plants that lived thousands or millions of years ago and are the best way for us to understand how we, and other species, have evolved over time. This comprehensive and accessible introduction to palaeontology shows the beliefs and myths that have advanced – and inhibited – our understanding of evolution. Full of facts and photos of real-life excavations from all over the , world, it gives advice on where to find fossils and how to treat ancient remains with care.
A brilliant first introduction to palaeontology, featuring awesome photography that captures ancient fossils. 
Series Rock Explorer
Format Juvenile - Paperback 24 Pages
ISBN 9781784939663
Size8.27 in x 9.45 in / 210.00 mm x 240.00 mm
Published Date March 22nd, 2018
Claudia Martin

CLAUDIA MARTIN is the author of many children's books and has worked in publishing for over 20 years. Her favorite subjects include geography, history, animals, and technology.

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