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Nicholas Greene
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Description Description “Every Coupé from Mercedes-Benz has always embodied elegance on four wheels, whether today, 40 years ago or a century ago; our coupés are legends of each and every era in which they were built.” - Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic

In the very beginning, the automotive industry was dominated by open-top vehicles whose body shapes were very much based on the horse-drawn carriage, there were open and closed carriages and then there was the Coupé. Mercedes-Benz is and has always been a trendsetter, not only in terms of technology, but also in design but what must never be underestimated was the idea of moving away from the ‘classic Coupé saloon style body but also what had become their corporate identity, the Mercedes-Benz, radiator grill.

With over 300 photographs and illustrations, this first volume of the Mercedes-Benz Coupe includes an overview of the early days of 'Sports-Car' design  and the influences of aerodynamics on design evolution. The book discusses the early protagonists at Daimler-Benz  and how they influenced design of the Coupe shape. It shows how the Racing Coupe influenced what became the production Sport Coupe, and covers the experimental and one-off prototypes and the continuation of the Super Sport Light concept through the 'S-Class' range.

Format Hardcover Book 208 Pages
ISBN 9781785008221
Size8.46 in x 10.43 in / 214.88 mm x 264.92 mm
Published Date June 29th, 2021
Nicholas Greene
Nik Greene was born in St Albans in 1964, before his family moved to Norfolk for a farming life. Having always had an interest in cars he got into the classic car scene soon after buying his first Jaguar at the age of 20. Joining the Jaguar Drivers’ club led him to take his first  steps into writing; initially writing newsletter articles, and then as a Jaguar S-Type model representative, which involved writing monthly articles. This became more serious when contacted by Paul Skilleter, the eminent Jaguar historian, to write a few articles for his new magazine Jaguar Quarterly. This opened the door to writing regular copy with other classic car magazines. Not satisfied just 'owning' a classic car, Nik Greene always threw himself deeply into the history and design of the vehicles he has owned and restored, which has led to a good knowledge base. He often says: "There is no better way of knowing your car than by taking it apart, whether physically or historically." Nik Greene's first Mercedes was a 123 model 280TE, and being a lover of quality and precision design and engineering his love for the marque grew, encompassing the robust G-Wagen then the S-Class 126. After moving to France in 2004, he went on to buy and restore many old Citroens and Renaults, but never moved completely away from his love of the Mercedes Marque. He still owns his beloved G-Wagen after nearly 20 years and having previously owned four 126s, he has settled on a very rare 126 560SE, which remains pampered in his collection.
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