Subtitle Understanding Your Genetic Code: Evolution * Ancestry * Health * Genomics * Epigenetics

Dr. Melita Irving
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The Human DNA Manual aims to enlighten and entertain the genetically curious layperson on all aspects of our DNA and genetic code. An introductory section covers the basic concepts of genetics and debunks some of the confusion that stems from associated jargon. A history of DNA discovery explains the role of this molecule-of-inheritance and how it conveys the recipe for life, including how to extract your own DNA at home using every day household items.

Discussing the relevance of DNA in the past, present and the future, author Melita Irving also covers the potential influence genes have in driving evolution; the concept of bringing back notable historical species from extinction, and the widespread role of DNA in everyday practices. Current issues, such as genetic conditions and the latest medical breakthroughs in detecting them, forensic science, gene therapy and sequencing are all clearly explained. 

Finally, the book looks at the future of genes and examine the impact DNA will have on the lives of the next generation — the epigenetics era and potentially heritable consequences of environmental exposures, the contribution of genetic engineering to a functioning society, the concept of gene editing in reproductive medicine, the slippery slope to a 'superhuman' race, and human cloning, as well as the potential for the development of new therapies using gene technology.
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Format Hardcover Book 175 Pages
ISBN 9781785215940
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Published Date November 19th, 2019
Dr. Melita Irving
Dr Melita Irving is an expert London-based consultant and honorary reader in clinical genetics. After initially training in pediatrics, she now specialises in genetic conditions, and has extensive experience in diagnosing and managing a wide range of genetic conditions. Her specialist interests include chromosomal disorders, rare genetic symptoms, and conditions with an underlying genetic cause. Dr Irving has established multidisciplinary pediatric clinics in skeletal dysplasia offering a close monitoring and management service, and is an active researcher, working to develop and improve the diagnosis of severe skeletal conditions. She currently acts as the chief investigator for clinical trials in children with skeletal dysplasia, developing the diagnosis of genetic conditions and improving the accurate diagnosis of severe skeletal conditions. Her work is featured in many peer-reviewed publications and she has published extensively on various aspects of clinical genetics.
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