Subtitle The essential book of cars based on the original Mini

Jeroen Booij
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Maximum Mini is the first book to focus solely on the cars derived from the classic Mini. Small GTs, sports cars, roadsters, and Fun Cars: Mini-derivatives made the specialist motoring market roar in the 1960s.

In the decades since the ‘60s, we saw new variants on the car that simply wouldn’t die; some genius, some crazy, but always colorful and out of the ordinary. Maximum Mini takes a deep dive into almost 60 different Minis. You’ll get specs, facts, tons of high-quality photographs, and more on vehicles like Mini Marcos and Unipower GT, the very obscure, and very exciting, Coldwell GT and Sarcon Scarab, and loads more.

Maximum Mini goes directly to the source with its information; much of it coming directly from interviews with original designers and build teams. Some cars that were thought to be long gone were even found during the researching of this book!
Format Trade Paperback 128 Pages
ISBN 9781787111189
Size8.90 in x 8.90 in / 226.06 mm x 226.06 mm
Published Date July 18th, 2017
Jeroen Booij
After a career as a test editor for a Dutch motoring magazine, Jeroen Booij (1975) decided to become a freelance motoring journalist. He prefers describing the weird and wonderful of the automotive industry, specializing in classic, specialist or simply unusual cars, which has often lead to full features on vehicles that are hardly taken seriously by the regular press. With a passion for Minis, it was a logical step to write a book about all the cars derived from it, which Jeroen spent nearly five years researching. He lives in Amsterdam.
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