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Laura Hamilton
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Lily: One in a Million is the inspiring story of Lily, a puppy born with a rare disability. Lily was only four minutes old, nursing at her mother’s side, when already milk was pouring out of her nose and mouth, soaking her and everything around her. She received so little nourishment she wasn’t thriving, and within weeks she had a respiratory infection. Euthanasia was compassionately suggested to spare her further distress - even if she lived at all. Against all the odds, however, her owner decided that this sweet little puppy should have a chance at life.

Laura weaned Lily early, letting her lick puppy mousse from her fingertip. A month later, she was hand-feeding Lily pieces of water-soaked puppy kibble one at a time during frequent feeds, but still the puppy choked with almost every swallow. Eventually, Lily was diagnosed with a swallowing disability ... extremely rare ... and incurable. Amazingly, Lily has survived against the odds due to the creative and intensive management of her condition. Her story may give hope to others, and inspire them not to give up their animals who may have  life-threatening conditions. 

Lily even became a Pets As Therapy dog, and helps in schools and residential care homes - she truly is a working miracle.

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Format Trade Paperback 72 Pages
ISBN 9781787111479
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Published Date June 5th, 2018
Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton was born in Canada and later lived in the US with three dogs and three cats before moving to England to marry Jim, a British Airways captain. After Jim died from cancer, Laura bought a Golden Retriever, whom she named Pilot. Now, seven years later she also has Pilot’s offspring, Lily, who was born with a life-threatening swallowing disability. Lily's amazing story is told in Laura's first book, Lily: One in a Million, A Miracle of Survival. Lily now also features in a children’s book, The Adventures of Lily and the Little Lost Doggie, which was both written and illustrated by Laura. In 2019, Laura was given a Citizen of Honour Award for her work with Lily and Pilot in Pets As Therapy's Read2Dogs program in Fareham, Hampshire. Both Laura's books mention the work her 'girls' do in Read2Dogs.
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