Martyn Wainwright
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A unique collection of original colour photographs of Grand Prix and sports cars, taken between 1954 and 1959 at races and hillclimbs in England & Ireland.

It was unusual for sporting events in the ’50s to be photographed in colour, so this archive is a real treasure, capturing the excitement and atmosphere from a golden age of British motorsport. Despite being unpublished at the time they were taken, these original photographs were unearthed 50 years later, sensitively restored, and then published for the first time in this book. Images of Goodwood, Aintree and Brands Hatch feature classic 1950s racing cars such as Triumphs, Jaguars, Mercedes and Porsches. See close ups of the action and many of the well known drivers of the time – Fangio, Taruffi, Stirling Moss, Masten Gregory, and many more. Martyn Wainwright’s love of the sport, and talent for reportage photography shines through in this evocative and authentic collection.

An absolute must for Revivalists and all lovers of classic motorsport, 1950s Motorsport in Colour has been out of print for several years, but is now available again in this new paperback edition as part of Veloce’s “Classic Reprint” series.
Format Trade Paperback 160 Pages
ISBN 9781787112490
Size8.86 in x 8.86 in / 225.04 mm x 225.04 mm
Published Date October 15th, 2019
Martyn Wainwright
Whilst studying at Dublin University, Martyn Wainwright joined the photographic club and, as part of the club’s activities, went to a lecture given by the late Max Boyd – then the sports editor of Irish Motoring Life. Martyn subsequently acted as Max’s assistant at a number of races and hill climbs. When Max left to become the Sunday Times Motoring Correspondent, Martyn inherited his place at Irish Motoring Life. In 1954 Martyn started taking colour photographs at the meetings he attended in England and Ireland, despite knowing that no-one was going to publish them at the time, as colour processing was too expensive. Many years later the photographs were unarchived, and now represent a unique colourful journey into the past. Martyn lives in Dorset, and fine art prints of his photographs are available to purchase.
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