Subtitle And the Little Lost Doggie

Laura Hamilton
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A heart-warming story for children, this is a tale of friendship, bravery and kindness. Lily, a Golden Retriever, finds toy Doggie lost and alone under a hedge. Trying to find Doggie’s owner, Lily’s human mummy, Anne, ties Doggie to a lamppost where, she hopes, his owner will see him. But Doggie waits unclaimed for days. He is even bullied on the lamppost. He finds some of the night time animals who visit him on the lamppost frightening, until they begin to help him feel loved. 

After Anne takes Doggie off the lamppost and into her home with Lily and and her mum, Pilot, he has such amazing adventures that he finds himself the star attraction at school, when he joins Lily for her Pets As Therapy Read2Dogs assignments. For his compassionate part in helping animals have lives that matter, he quickly becomes a media celebrity, and is even rewarded by royalty at Buckingham Palace.

Many characters and events in Doggie’s story are real, inspired by a real event with the author’s own dog Lily, who is a Pets as Therapy dog. Charming, original illustrations by the author seamlessly blend reality and fantasy. Doggie’s story, with Lily, Pilot and Anne, shows the value of love and friendship.
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Format Trade Paperback 72 Pages
ISBN 9781787114180
Size5.98 in x 8.86 in / 151.89 mm x 225.04 mm
Published Date November 19th, 2019
Laura Hamilton
Laura Hamilton was born in Canada and later lived in the US with three dogs and three cats before moving to England to marry Jim, a British Airways captain. After Jim died from cancer, Laura bought a Golden Retriever, whom she named Pilot. Now, seven years later she also has Pilot’s offspring, Lily, who was born with a life-threatening swallowing disability. Lily's amazing story is told in Laura's first book, Lily: One in a Million, A Miracle of Survival. Lily now also features in a children’s book, The Adventures of Lily and the Little Lost Doggie, which was both written and illustrated by Laura. In 2019, Laura was given a Citizen of Honour Award for her work with Lily and Pilot in Pets As Therapy's Read2Dogs program in Fareham, Hampshire. Both Laura's books mention the work her 'girls' do in Read2Dogs.
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