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Brian Calvert
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This study of the famed supersonic commercial transport examines the history, design production and service of the Concorde, from the initial planning stages to the aircraft's first flight in 1975 and the tragic accident in France in July 2000. The story begins with a brief background of supersonic flight and a look at plans dating as far back as the 1950s for a commercial SST. The story of how the eventual Anglo-French collaborative adventure took root despite political differences is accompanied by a complete design and testing history, complete technical specifications and more than 150 photographs and illustrations.

Flying Concorde has become one of the major references to the world's first and only supersonic airliner, has an added section that covers the cause of the Paris tragedy and the remedies and improvements that were made in the light of the accident report. During Concorde's entry into service with British Airways, Brian Calvert was flight manager (technical) and responsible for deciding the methods by which Concorde would be flown, the flying qualities of the aircraft and its suitability for potential routes. He carried out acceptance trials and flew several of its inaugural flights.

"Flying Concorde is written in a manner which gives anyone who knows the author as well as I do a feeling of talking to him in person. He knows the airplane, and he writes about it in such a way that even the most technical aspects can be readily understood. It is a delight to read.The story of Concorde is a large subject, concerning as it does both the technical history of the aircraft and its struggle to be accepted as an airliner. I am sure that those who read this book will enjoy it as much as I have." -Brian Trubshaw, Chief Test Pilot
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Published Date August 11th, 2002
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