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Beautiful skin is not only for the genetically blessed – everyone can enjoy the self-confidence that comes from looking their best, regardless of age. In Younger Skin in 28 Days, award-winning author and nutritionist Karen Fischer reveals how you can tone your skin and take years off your appearance in a matter of weeks. It is the fast-track version of The Healthy Skin Diet and ideal for people who are ready to engage with an intense program to achieve healthier skin.

The skin conditions that can be improved include: age spots and hyperpigmentation, acne, cellulite and poor skin tone, sun damage, rough or bumpy skin, prematurely ageing skin, and dry skin! Some additional benefits of the nutritionally balanced health program are boosting energy and concentration, promoting healthy weight-loss, lowering cholesterol, preventing bloating, and more!

The science-based program reveals how to swap skin-ageing foods for similar, everyday foods from your local supermarket. Backed by hundreds of scientific references, this is a reliable diet program designed to prevent nutritional deficiencies and support total body health and wellbeing. It includes a three-day alkalising cleanse to fast-track your results, a fourteen-day menu plan with handy shopping lists, and 80 delicious recipes. Feel and look younger and healthier in a matter of weeks with this effective guide to beautiful skin.

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Published Date March 13th, 2014
Karen Fischer

Karen Fischer is a nutritionist and a member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS). She has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree and a nutrition diploma. For more than a decade, Karen has used the Eczema Diet in her private practice to help her patients, of all ages, become eczema-free. Karen’s books with Exisle include the bestselling The Healthy Skin Diet (winner of ‘Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet Book’ at the 2008 Australian Food Media Awards), The Eczema Detox, The Eczema Diet, Younger Skin in 28 Days and Healthy Family, Happy Family.

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