Katrina McKelvey
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One day, a little girl notices her father mowing the lawn – and in the process destroying her favourite flowers, the dandelions! To him, they were just weeds, but to her, they were yellow like the sun, about to turn into magical puff balls she could blow away on the breeze. How will Dad make it up to her?

This heart-warming picture book explores the bond between a father and his daughter. Watch as the little girl’s enthusiasm and wonder at the natural world makes Dad see it in a new light. Finding a patch of dandelions that survived the lawn-mowing, father and daughter each blow as hard as they can, and the tiny dandelion parachutes spiral and spin, up, up and away.

The dandelions’ little seed parachutes are swept on a journey around town, depicted with exquisite watercolour illustrations. They swirl through the front yard, down the street, over the park, by the river, around the forest outside town, and even bump into some hot air balloons! The little girl and her dad lie in the grass to watch their journey, Dad explaining where the seeds land and how new dandelions grow. Never again will he call them ‘just a weed’!

Dandelions is a beautiful exploration of nature, understanding, forgiveness, and the love between a parent and a child. It will also be cherished for its gentle reminder of how much we can learn about the world by seeing it through the eyes of children.

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Format Hardcover Book 32 Pages
ISBN 9781921966828
Size9.50 in x 10.00 in x 0.25 in / 241.30 mm x 254.00 mm x 6.35 mm
Published Date October 1st, 2015
Katrina McKelvey
Katrina McKelvey is a children’s author with over ten years primary school teaching experience. She is highly involved in the Children’s Book Council of Australia, is an advisor and participant in literary conferences and festivals, and enthusiastically spreads her love of reading at regular school visits. 
Kirrili Lonergan
Kirrili Lonergan is a children’s book illustrator, art therapist and mother of four. She has illustrated several picture books (Lessons of a LAC, Brave, Perfect Petunias, Ollie’s Treasure and Dandelions) as well as creating designs for clothes, prints and pottery. She is passionate about illustrating picture books that have a ‘healing’ message and has a great understanding of the need for such books as a result of her previous work as a paediatric nurse.
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