Subtitle A Child's Guide to Understanding Our World - Includes 30 Interactive Stickers to Complete the Scenes!

Elena Ulyeva
Price $6.99
Description Description This interactive, colorful storybook tells the story of Bear, who learns to appreciate nature as he meets a variety of forest inhabitants. Bear doesn’t understand why it’s important to have worms, bees, mushrooms, weeds, and bugs, but by interacting with each of them, he learns why each is important to the environment. For example, Bear learns that worms help to make the soil the best it can be, which in turn produces better flowers that bees will seek for the best nectar—and ultimately make the honey that Bear loves! Bear learns that every part of nature is necessary, no matter its size or appearance, and that it’s important to treat nature with care. The book includes 30 stickers that can be used to complete the scenes on each page.
Subject area:
Format Trade Paperback 24 Pages
ISBN 9781954738171
Size8.00 in x 8.00 in / 203.20 mm x 203.20 mm
Published Date September 13th, 2022
Elena Ulyeva
Elena Ulyeva is the author of educational manuals, published in a total circulation of 3 million copies. Her manuals are based on her belief in the method of early development through creativity and play. She is a member of the TOP-10 most published children's authors in Russia according to the Book Chamber, a master of fairy tales, and a talented teacher with 20 years of experience working with children.
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Polina Alekseenko
Polina Alekseenka graduated from the St. Petersburg College of Modeling and Management Technology with a degree in advertising. Although she did not attend a traditional art school, she has been drawing since childhood and learned everything herself. She picked up a pencil, or maybe a marker—she doesn’t remember exactly, since it was so long ago. She drew on paper, on stones, on sidewalks, and in notebooks. She grew up watching cool cartoons and reading books with awesome illustrations, hence her interest in children's illustrations. She wanted to pay tribute to the illustrators for her imagination and emotions, and hopes her art does the same thing: evoke emotions in children with the help of illustration.
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