Kevin Meredith
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This is a revised edition of the bestselling Hot Shots. Forget expensive kit and incomprehensible jargon, How to Take Better Photos is for everyone who points and snaps, and not just enthusiasts and amateurs, but also designers, illustrators and anyone who needs to create imagery for their work and pleasure. If you want to take photographs that look exciting, fun and professional, this portable, easy-access tome is for you.
Using over 100 images as examples, created on a variety of cameras, both film and digital, the aim is to highlight and explain various photographic techniques, qualities and effects, using extended captions and simple technical info. Issues covered include composition, exposure, low-light, night shots, portraits, perspective, city- and landscapes, speed, movement, abstraction, animals, colour, flash, silhouettes and black and white, amongst others.
Have you ever wondered how to get a shot of a moving athlete in focus against a blurred background? Or, of a landscape without the distraction of focusing on the foreground? Well, here’s where you’ll find the answer.
Examples are arranged by entry, and each caption tells us in clear, conversational language, how the photographer created the image, while spec details, for example, camera type, lens, film, shutter speed, and aperture, are included throughout.
Format Flexi-Bind 224 Pages
ISBN 9782888933472
Size5.00 in x 7.01 in / 127.00 mm x 178.00 mm
Published Date February 8th, 2018
Kevin Meredith
An accomplished Lomographer, Kevin Meredith was ranked second in the world at the Lomolympics in Tokyo and was awarded third place at the Lomographic World Congress in Vienna. He is the author of Hot Shots and Photographic Projects. He lives in Brighton, UK.
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