Subtitle Portraying Light Effects in On-Location Drawing and Painting

Katie Woodward
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Description Description The Urban Sketching Handbook: Understanding Light is an informative guide to heightening the impact of your artwork by capturing the look and subtleties of light in any scene.

In settings ranging from fields and mountains at daybreak to neon cityscapes at midnight, learn how to express light effects through color and value to improve and refine your drawings and paintings.

Artist and urban sketcher Katie Woodward offers strategies for:  
  • Selectively translating values for maximum effect
  • Using your sketchbook to experiment with the effects of natural as well as artificial light
  • Considering many options for visual solutions through work contributed by experienced urban sketchers 
Master the art of rendering light with The Urban Sketching Handbook: Understanding Light as your guide.

The Urban Sketching Handbook series offers location artists expert instruction on creative techniques, on-location tips and advice, and an abundance of visual inspiration. These handy references come in a compact, easy-to-carry format—perfect to toss in your backpack or artist’s tote.
Format Trade Paperback 112 Pages
ISBN 9780760372036
Size5.00 in x 8.00 in / 127.00 mm x 203.20 mm
Published Date December 28th, 2021
Katie Woodward

Katie Woodward is an urban sketcher and watercolor painter living in Brooklyn, New York. She has a background in painting scenery for theater, including a BFA in Theatrical Production Arts from Ithaca College, and spent ten years painting scenery and making props from regional theater to Broadway. In 2014 she picked up urban sketching as a hobby between theater gigs, and now over a thousand of her sketches and paintings are in personal collections around the globe. She is a member of the NYC Urban Sketchers and has taught several 10x10 workshops in her home city. In addition to completing an official artist residency at Bryant Park, she feels like she is in the middle of a very long unofficial artist residency of the whole city. Katie is also the “Woodward” half of Woodward and Father, making and selling sketchboards and watercolor palettes with her Dad. You can follow her at her website,, or on Instagram @ramblingsketcher. 

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