Subtitle Color your way through cool original manga art!

Scott Harris
Price $12.99 / £9.99
Description Description Color in all kinds of cute and cool manga art—including fantasy characters, chibis, superheroes, and more—with this beautiful coloring book!

Manga World Coloring features:
  • Quality paper, which lets you color with your choice of colored pencils, crayons, markers, and more
  • More than 30 coloring pages, including cute and cool characters and scenes
  • One-sided coloring for display purposes and to avoid bleed-through
  • Patterns on the back of each page for additional visual interest and more coloring if desired

Have fun coloring:
  • Fantasy characters such as fairies and elves
  • Cute chibi versions of traditional Japanese creatures such as kitsune (fox girls)
  • Various human characters, warriors, and superheroes
  • And much more!

A perfect choice for:
  • Coloring book hobbyists
  • Manga and anime enthusiasts
  • Aspiring manga, chibi, and kawaii artists
  • Manga, comic book, and graphic novel lovers 

With the Manga World Coloring, manga lovers can color in their favorite kind of art! This 96-page book contains awesome and adorable characters by artist Scott Harris. Suitable forall ages, subjects to color in include fantasy characters, chibis, and various human characters, such as warriors, superheroes, and fashionable outfits on everyday people.

You can color your way through manga, chibi, kawaii, and furry art with this series of four coloring books: Manga World Coloring, Chibi World Coloring, Kawaii World Coloring, and Manga Furries Coloring.Collect all four in the series to color in more than 150 cute and cool characters and scenes!
Scott Harris
An art director and digital artist for Digital Art School and an instructor on educational platform Udemy, Scott Harris has been involved in digital art and design for more than 15 years, with a thorough knowledge of fundamental and advanced principles and digital techniques. His skillset encompasses drawing, painting, and character design, as well as environment and hard surface design, and he is passionate about sharing knowledge and teaching. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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