Subtitle Explore the Charming Language of Backcountry Birdsong

Angela Harrison Vinet, Janis Hatten Harrison
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Get an informed yet cheeky perspective on the fascinating language of birds in rural areas with this witty twist on a traditional field guide.

Country Bird gives birdwatching new meaning by pairing scientific insight on the sounds and songs unique to birds inhabiting rural areas of North America with a light-hearted narrative that reflects the personality and characteristics associated with country life. Vibrant illustrations help you identify the birds you see, and a journaling section at the back of the book allows you to jot down the times and places you spot a new feathered friend.

Learn about birding in a new, whimsical way and meet 50 wonderful Country Birds, including:

  • The White-crowned Sparrow, adorned with a feather crown fit for royalty
  • The friendly Downy Woodpecker, a great neighbor to all (except when he starts drumming!)
  • The Northern Mockingbird, a musical diva with some of the most complex songs in the world
  • The nocturnal Barn Owl, a farmer's best friend when it comes to pest control

The feathered country folk are a welcoming bunch, who will provide beautiful sights and sounds for anyone willing to take it slow on some quiet country roads. Give birding a go, learn, and listen to the beautiful sound of birds!

The Birds illustrated collection delivers a playful yet informative insight on the sounds and songs unique to birds inhabiting different geographical regions. From rural farmlands to bustling city streets or the salty air of the shore, each book features beautiful portraits and a lighthearted narrative that reflects the personality and characteristics of birds native to each location. Also available from this collection: City Bird

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Format Paper Over Board 128 Pages
ISBN 9780760387696
Size5.20 in x 7.30 in / 132.08 mm x 185.42 mm
Published Date March 5th, 2024
Angela Harrison Vinet

A Louisiana freelance writer for over 20 years, Angela Vinet calls Shreveport home. As a nature enthusiast, she enjoys any outdoor adventure in her beloved Louisiana. Wife to Robert for more than half of her life, and mom to three full-of-life boys, Angela stays busy with family outings and baseball practices when she is not writing or teaching school. In her spare time, she enjoys writing children’s books, kayaking, and adventuring with her family. Freelancing for newspapers as a columnist and featured writer, her work has been in many circulations for local press in addition to the USA Today Network. In her day job teaching English/Language Arts, she finds satisfaction helping children fine-tune their writing skills. As an eternal optimist, Angela lives life to the fullest, finding the silver-linings life offers while embracing the attitude that kindness toward all things matters as a daily mantra.

Janis Hatten Harrison
Janis Harrison is affectionately known throughout the United States as GrandJan. She is a septuagenarian widow who taught herself how to drive a camper after her husband’s passing. She has since traveled through America camping in her class C-RV. Crisscrossing the country several times, GrandJan is an avid birder and has seen as many different birds as possible with up to 580 birds on her life list. Her nemesis bird is the illusive Snowy Owl, but never fear, she will find it. Making friends wherever she goes, GrandJan has done it all from playing the washboard in a jug band in the desert to taking drum lessons at 65. Full of life and fun, GrandJan is always cooking something in the kitchen or working in her garden when she is home.
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