Subtitle An Exploration of Viking Traditions and Magical Practices

Disa Forvitin
Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description Immerse yourself in the rich history and mysticism of Nordic legends and engage with them first hand with this elegantly designed guide.

The gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon are larger-than-life beings who practice and wield magic like no other. Norse Mysticism introduces you to these deities and the customs and traditions that surround them, including:
  • An exploration of Oral Traditions and mythic gods and goddesses
  • Guides to runes and vocal magic
  • Techniques for spellcasting and divination
  • Histories behind Nordic teachings and customs
  • Records of ancient prose works and poems

With this guidebook for both newcomers and experts alike, experience the magical and beautiful spirituality of the Vikings and foster a deeper connection to yourself and the world as a whole.

The Mystic Traditions series explores mystical and spiritual traditions and magical practices from around the world from a modern perspective. These guides offer concise introductions to the origins of mystical practices; explain key concepts, figures, and legends in these traditions; and give straightforward and engaging instruction on how to connect directly with these practices through rituals, spells, and more.

Also available in the Mystic Traditions series: Native American Spiritualism, Zen Buddhism, Celtic Mysticism, and Indian Spirituality.
Series Mystic Traditions
Format Paper Over Board 144 Pages
ISBN 9781577154266
Size5.51 in x 8.41 in / 139.95 mm x 213.61 mm
Published Date May 9th, 2024
Disa Forvitin
Disa Forvitin is a lifelong practitioner of mystical traditions and is passionate about Norse history and culture. A pagan through and through, she casts runes and leaves offerings to the nature spirits in the suburbs of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where she lives with her partner and an unhealthy number of books.
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