Susannah Lloyd
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Description Description Prithee, let us not tarry, for I am setting forth on a new MOST PERILOUS quest! The hero of this book, a rather hapless knight, has just come across a most fortuitous find.

All the other knights in the kingdom say he could never track down a giant, but he has something quite special… a book with all the tips he needs to help him on his quest, and he couldn’t have found it sooner, for here be GIANTS!

And so, with his long-suffering horse, and his nose in his precious book "How to Spot a Giant Before He Spots You", the knight sets off to find a giant. He looks out for BIG things, but all he can find are tiny forest creatures and an exasperated damsel who are all much too small.

Next, he tries going UP. He obliviously passes a beanstalk and scales a great rock instead (the giant’s leg). More obstacles appear: thunder (the giant’s tummy rumbling), fierce winds (the giant hungrily sniffing him) and rain (the giant’s drool).

Undeterred, the knight whips out his trusty umbrella and takes shelter in a grassy meadow (the giant’s leafy sandwich!)

… Will this unobservant hero see what’s in front of him before it’s too late? Young readers will love the “he’s behind you!” feel of this laugh-out-loud follow-up to Here Be Dragons from Susannah Lloyd and Paddy Donnelly.
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Format Juvenile - Paperback 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711275867
Size10.87 in x 9.25 in / 276.00 mm x 235.00 mm
Published Date April 4th, 2024
Susannah Lloyd
Susannah Lloyd is the author of Here Be Dragons, The Terribly Friendly Fox, and This Book Can Read Your Mind.
She loves reading stories to her two sons above all things, and picture book sections in libraries and book shops are her happy place. Susannah lives in Yorkshire, UK with her family.
Paddy Donnelly
Paddy Donnelly is an Irish illustrator now living in Belgium. He has over 15 years' experience as an illustrator and designer, and especially loves working with a textured, painterly approach. With a fondness for illustrating the sea and animals, Paddy tries to inject a touch of humor to his work wherever he can. He wishes Pluto was still a planet.
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