Beatrice Blue
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Description Description A charming story of friendship and truly believing in yourself… with a touch of magic and witchcraft.

It all began once upon a magical town, when a little girl called Moira received a wondrous magic Relic. But try as she might, she couldn’t make her Relic blossom into life and make her magic powers shine like her best friend Lilly could.

Her potions didn’t sparkle, her spells fell flat and everything she did seemed to go wrong. Can Moira learn to believe in herself and finally let her powers shine?

This heart-warming story about how witches got their powers is part of the critically acclaimed Once Upon... series, which includes the Waterstones Children's Prize-shortlisted Once Upon a Unicorn Horn.
Subject area:
Series Once Upon...
Format Juvenile - Hardcover 40 Pages
ISBN 9780711288270
Size0.36 in x 0.43 in / 9.20 mm x 10.80 mm
Published Date August 8th, 2023
Beatrice Blue
Beatrice Blue is an author and illustrator. The first book of her series Once Upon was nominated to the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and her books have been translated to more than 16 languages all over the world. She also works for animation making films. Sometimes as a visual development artist, sometimes as an Art Director. She loves traveling, colors, books, and nature. Her dog, Jungle, appears in lots of her stories.
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