Find Good Habits

Subtitle A Workbook for Daily Growth

Jaime Zuckerman
Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description With wise advice and helpful exercises from psychologist Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, this beautifully designed, interactive workbook will help you find a path toward a calmer, happier daily life.

Changing your habits, or creating new ones, is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging. This straightforward, insightful workbook will guide you through four key steps to making a permanent change to your habits:
  • Identify the change you want to make
  • Set yourself up to succeed
  • Get through the first four weeks
  • Maintain a habit for the long haul
With a total of 50 exercises, you’ll find all the tools you need to successfully change your habits, including visualizations to help with goal setting, steps to set up accountability systems, and simple trackers to help you visualize your progress. The workbook’s engaging, colorful art and motivational messages make it a fun, accessible tool for self-improvement.

The Wellness Workbooks series from Wellfleet Press offers guidance on a wide range of self-help and mental health topics. Each book presents a thoughtful, evidence-based collection of straightforward exercises in an accessible, enjoyable format that will keep you engaged and inspired. With a distinctive design and full-color illustrations throughout, these workbooks deliver a practical path to personal growth in a beautiful package.
Format Paperback Layflat 160 Pages
ISBN 9781577153016
Size6.75 in x 9.05 in / 171.45 mm x 229.87 mm
Published Date August 23rd, 2022
Jaime Zuckerman
Dr. Jaime Zuckerman is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice based outside Philadelphia, working with adults with mood disorders, anxiety, and adjustment to medical illness. Dr. Z also specializes in relationship difficulties with a focus on helping those involved with narcissistic partners. Dr. Z is a frequent contributor to several media outlets, including Vogue, Elle Magazine, Shape, Women’s Health, The Washington Post, The Harvard Business Review, CBS3 Philly, PHL17, and FOX29 News.
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