Subtitle 60 Captivating Images of Mysterious Creatures from Japanese Folklore

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Description Description Color your way through a bestiary of supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, and discover their origins as you go.

Yōkai​ is a Japanese term for mythical beings that encompasses a range of supernatural phenomena, including demons, monsters, ghosts, and shapeshifters. Known to be mischievous, wise, and eccentric when teaching life lessons to humans, the creatures are often at the center of popular anime and manga stories. With Strange & Frightful Yōkai Coloring, get to know the different types of yōkai​ and the folklore behind them as you color their images.

No artistic experience is needed to bring these fantastical creatures to life—just choose your palette and start coloring through 60 unique templates. Explore a range of yōkai​  apparitions, including:

Kappa かっぱ
Translated as “river child,” kappa have some humanoid features, such as long arms and legs, but are largely aquatic with the beaks and shells of turtles. Inhabiting rivers, streams, and other bodies of water, they are expert swimmers. Kappa are keenly intelligent creatures, being one of the few yōkai to be able to speak human languages and can be friend or foe to people.

Oni おに
One of the supreme icons of Japanese folklore, the oni is a demonic ogre that brings disaster and disease. They stand taller than most trees and don wild hair and crazy eyes, two or more horns, and teeth-like tusks. They can be found on mountaintops, caves, remote islands, and in the underworld of hell. Much like the kappa, oni can be intelligent and are uniquely known as skilled sorcerers.  

Tengu だいてんぐ
Sovereign among the various tengu, the daitengu are human-like entities that wear the robe of a monk, have red faces, and especially long noses. The longer the nose, the more powerful the spirit. They spend their lives in solitary meditation in pursuit of perfection. Natural disasters and massive calamities are often attributed to angry daitengu but the majority of the time they are kind and give aid to humans.

Find yourself transported to a phantasmal land of Japanese beasts and spirits with Strange & Frightful Yōkai Coloring.
Davie Yakusaa
Davie Yakusaa is known as an Illustrator who has successfully managed to weave retro style to a higher level by combining various elements through an explorative approach in his body of work. Even though he comes from Rembang, Indonesia, his interest in Japanese culture and folklore has grown since he was a child. This inspires him to present images with a distinctive touch of color and line, where retro aesthetics and yokai mythology come together in enchanting harmony.
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